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Website Security Scanning From VeraSafe

Prevent a disastrous security breach on your website
Protect your reputation
Fix security holes

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If your PC needs virus scanning to keep it safe, why wouldn’t your website need the same?

Failing to add website security scanning to an e-commerce website is one of the biggest mistakes made by companies online today. A mistake that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more in lost sales, and post-infection malware removal. Join hundreds of websites already secured with our easy to use website malware detection and vulnerability scanning system.

VeraSafe find more vulnerabilities and offers your business more protection.
That’s why the United States Postal Service recommends VeraSafe.
website security
Don’t Get Blacklisted by Google

Every morning, dozens of website owners around the world wake up to news that their website has been blacklisted by Google for distributing malware or viruses. Getting blacklisted by Google can be a disaster for your business. Effectively no one will find or visit your website and all your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts will be suddenly washed down the drain.

Even worse, Google has no responsibility to tell you that your website is infected before they blacklist you. That is where VeraSafe comes to the rescue. Not only can we detect and help prevent attacks before they happen, we also monitor Google’s blacklist and notify you the day your website is blacklisted. You’ll be the first to know if something goes wrong.

Our automatic daily malware detection scanning service sends you customizable email alerts as soon as we find anything suspicious. We’ll include specific details about the problem and we can even help you fix the problem. Click here to start now.
Cloud Security Scanning
Its Easy: Cloud Based & Nothing To Install

VeraSafe provides you with up-to-date malware and vulnerability scanning directly from the cloud – This means we can scan your website today without the need for you to install any software, or make any changes to your website and it requires no technical knowledge to get started now. Why wait? Click here to protect your business and your customers today!
Cloud Security
Don’t Be Yet Another Victim

Imagine how stressful it would be to learn that a burglar broke into your home, vandalized your personal space and stole your cherished possessions. Victims of successful website attacks feel the same way: it’s a sinister violation of your private enterprise. You’ve put time, money and hard work into creating your website and building your business. Why risk it all by leaving possible vulnerabilities and exploits undiscovered and unpatched? Click here to discover your security holes now.
Stop Hackers
Website Security Is Critical To Your Success

Think of our advanced website vulnerability detection engine a bit like an insurance policy that’s designed to keep your business running long-term. It’s almost every week that a major website is hacked somewhere in the world. After the fact, these businesses rush out and spend thousands of dollars on post-infection malware removal and face possible fines and lawsuits. So what’s the one thing that website owners who have been victimized by such attacks say they should have done differently? Nearly all will recommend daily website security scanning, such as the VeraSafe Website Security program. Click here to secure your website
VeraSafe trust seal
Enhance visitor confidence with a VeraSafe Security Trust Seal

With so many stories of major websites being hacked recently, many consumers are growing more skeptical of shopping online. Your potential customers need to be assured that you aren’t taking a passive approach to protecting their personal data (such as credit card information and passwords). Prominently displaying a VeraSafe Security trust seal on your website is a proven way to resolve your customers’ safety concerns.

Don’t just tell your visitors that your website is safe: prove it to them with the VeraSafe website security seal. Click here to start now.
Security Scanning Console
Simple, Intuitive Interface

We’ve designed our web-based security console to be easy for anyone to use (no technical knowledge required). But at the same time it offers a high degree of customization, flexibility and reliability. In fact, since our cloud-based security scanning system is designed to be automatic and autonomous, you won’t need to regularly login to our security console to use the service. We’ll take care of scanning your site and alerting you to any problems that arise. Click here to scan your site today.
USA Support
World-Class Support – 100% USA Based

Did you know that VeraSafe support agents are not only highly skilled IT professionals, but we are trained to the highest stands of customer service? That’s something that our competition can’t even come close to matching. We’re here for you and if something ever does go wrong with your website, you’ll be glad you made the right choice: Choose VeraSafe Website Security Scanning. Click here to sign up.
Automatic Scans
Fully automated daily scans with email alerts

Rest easy knowing that your website is being scanned daily for security threats by a continuously updated security algorithm. If there is a problem we’ll let you know.

Would you prefer to also be notified daily even when our scan found your site to be safe and secure? No problem, our customizable alerts can be setup to email you daily no matter what the outcome of the malware scan.
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