Mobile App and API Penetration Testing Service

Leverage VeraSafe’s Advanced Capabilities to Uncover Your Mobile App and API Vulnerabilities.

VeraSafe offers a comprehensive mobile app penetration testing service designed to help your organization prevent a potentially disastrous data breach. From easy to spot encryption defects, to complex logical errors in your app, VeraSafe is your trusted partner for “black box” mobile app security reviews.

Hackers are increasingly targeting mobile apps and their associated APIs. Your organization must take the security of its mobile apps seriously or risk exposing sensitive company data. Contact VeraSafe today for an estimate for your next manual mobile app pen test.

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VeraSafe's Mobile App Penetration Program
Detailed Assessment

VeraSafe performs a detailed assessment of the target mobile application and its infrastructure, using both automated scan tools and manual penetration testing techniques. Every IP packet between the mobile application and its back-end servers is manually examined and appropriate attack techniques are applied.

Complex Attack Scenarios

As part of our tests, VeraSafe also creates complex attack scenarios to exploit potential logic errors or insecure direct object reference vulnerabilities. These tests aim to ensure that users cannot breach their authority levels and access other users’ data or perform unauthorized transactions.

Android Source Code Reviews

While our black-box approach to penetration testing excludes source code reviews, VeraSafe does offer automated source code reviews for Android-based mobile applications.


At the end of your mobile penetration test, you will receive a well-organized and clearly presented summary of all IT security vulnerabilities identified during the engagement, ranked by risk level. Our reports include packet captures that reveal the details of our simulated attacks, step-by-step instructions to re-create the attack scenario from scratch, or proof-of-concept attack scripts, where applicable. We include concise recommendations and are readily available to confirm your mitigations in a follow-up test.

VeraSafe’s Mobile Penetration Tests Include:

  • While VeraSafe uses industry standard tools for classic test cases, some test targets necessitate a more sophisticated approach, wherein VeraSafe develops our own custom tools for your pen test. Our technical capabilities allow us to author these custom tools in various programming languages.
  • VeraSafe also makes use of the Frida framework, which is a customizable platform that enables VeraSafe’s team to intervene in the internal processes of the target mobile app and read the memory of the mobile app during run-time.
  • Armed with these advanced capabilities and tools, VeraSafe’s penetration tests simulate an advanced adversary and provide a high level of assurance as to the security of your mobile applications and APIs.

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