Corporate Information

VeraSafe Czech Republic s.r.o.

Vezenska 911/4, Staré Město
Prague 1, 11000
Czech Republic
IČO 06326439
Commercial Register File No. C 280307
VAT No. CZ06326439

VeraSafe Ireland Ltd.

Unit 3D North Point House
North Point Business Park
New Mallow Road, Cork T23AT2P
Registered in Cork, Ireland
Company No. 619028

VeraSafe Netherlands B.V.

Keizersgracht 555
1017 DR
The Netherlands
Trade Register No. 71826610
VAT No. 8588.64.356

VeraSafe South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

35 Fricker Rd, Illovo
Gauteng, 2196
South Africa
Registration No. 2021/509853/07
VAT No. 4220305777

VeraSafe United Kingdom Ltd.

Suite 1, 7th Floor 50 Broadway
United Kingdom
Registered in England and Wales
Incorporation No. 12458059

Why VeraSafe?

Track record of successful GDPR implementations across industries.

Work directly with our in-house team of US and European attorneys, IT experts, and project managers.

Strategic, risked-based approach to compliance.

Fully customizable GDPR compliance program, tailored to fit your needs.

Holistic approach: We help you identify business opportunity hidden inside the GDPR.

Going beyond just EU privacy law, VeraSafe is your end-to-end partner for the entire privacy and cybersecurity domain.