VeraSafe’s Data Breach Response Program

A data breach is stressful. VeraSafe is your trusted partner to navigate the challenges ahead.

VeraSafe’s team of US and European attorneys and IT security experts are here to help you determine if your security incident qualifies as a personal data breach under applicable laws, such as the GDPR. If so, we’ll guide you through legal analysis, response strategy, regulatory notifications, remediation, insurance claims, and other required activities.

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VeraSafe’s Data Breach Response Capabilities

  • Mature breach response plan that can be applied to your unique circumstances.
  • Work directly with an international team of privacy professionals, including US and EU attorneys.
  • We interface with regulators on your behalf.
  • Immediate availability.

VeraSafe’s Data Breach Response Program Includes

  • A team of experts assigned to your matter.
  • Technical remediation assistance and confirmation from VeraSafe penetration testers.
  • Analysis of your security incident to determine if it meets the definition of a personal data breach.
  • Assistance with regulatory / law enforcement notifications (if required).
  • Assistance with notifications to affected data subjects (if required).
  • Forward-looking recommendations to improve your organization’s overall security posture.

Key contacts

Matthew Joseph

Matthew Joseph


Managing Director

Jim Cormier

Jim Cormier


Senior Vice President and Head of Professional Services

Contact VeraSafe Immediately in Case of a Suspected or Known Data Breach

Why VeraSafe?

Track record of successful cybersecurity engagements across industries.

Work directly with our in-house team of US and European cybersecurity attorneys, IT experts, and project managers.

Strategic, risked-based approach to compliance.

Fully customizable approach, tailored to fit your needs.

Reasonable, flexible fee structure and fully customizable engagement scope.

Holistic approach: Our broad expertise ranges from cybersecurity law to cybersecurity operations.