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VeraSafe’s advisors help you balance ePrivacy compliance risk with real-world business demands.

The ePrivacy Directive is an often overlooked aspect of European data protection compliance. While the GDPR has captured the attention of corporate legal departments, the ePrivacy Directive takes precedence over the GDPR when it comes to using website cookies and similar tracking technologies, as well as electronic communication, such as email marketing.

ePrivacy creates complex, rigorous obligations for companies that target electronic marketing to the EU. But the industry trend is to balance the strict legal requirements against real-world business demands. VeraSafe’s privacy attorneys, privacy consultants, and project managers specialize in calibrating our ePrivacy compliance program to the risk tolerance of each client we serve. Don’t get caught off guard by this important privacy law. Contact VeraSafe today to learn more.

Direct Marketing Checklist

VeraSafe privacy attorneys and consultants will tailor our Direct Marketing Checklist to your needs.

Cookie Consent

VeraSafe guides you through the implementation of a cookie consent management solution.

Privacy Impact Assessment

A Privacy Impact Assessment needs to be carried out when using cross-site tracking technologies. VeraSafe can conduct a PIA for you.

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Features of VeraSafe’s ePrivacy Compliance Program

  • Complete “cookie law” compliance and validation.
  • Get special discounts on consent management platforms, like CookiePro from OneTrust.
  • VeraSafe reviews your sales and marketing business procedures, and flags ePrivacy compliance risks.
  • Policy and checklist templates customized to meet your needs (e.g., direct marketing checklist).
  • Instructor-led training for your sales and marketing teams.
  • VeraSafe conducts the necessary Data Protection Impact Assessments for your marketing initiatives.
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Ad Tech
Email Marketing
Telephone Marketing
Online Behavioral Advertising

Benefits of VeraSafe’s ePrivacy Compliance Program

  • Benefits of VeraSafe’s ePrivacy Compliance Program
  • Work directly with European and U.S. privacy attorneys and consultants.
  • Mature project management methodology, leveraging easy to use cloud-based collaboration tools.

Key contacts

Matthew Joseph

Matthew Joseph


Managing Director

Jim Cormier

Jim Cormier


Senior Vice President and Head of Professional Services

Don’t get caught off guard by the ePrivacy Directive. Contact VeraSafe for a consultation.

Why VeraSafe?

Track record of successful privacy engagements across industries.

Work directly with our in-house team of US and European privacy attorneys, IT experts, and project managers.

Strategic, risked-based approach to compliance.

Fully customizable project plan, tailored to fit your needs.

Reasonable, flexible fee structure and fully customizable engagement scope.

Holistic approach: Our broad expertise ranges from privacy law to cybersecurity operations.