Penetration Testing for Web Applications and APIs

How vulnerable are your applications to unauthorized access or data exposure?

VeraSafe’s penetration testing service for web applications simulates a realistic (but well-controlled) attack on your applications and their back-end infrastructure executed by an in-house ethical hacker, with an aim to:

  • Identify the weaknesses.
  • Demonstrate how these weaknesses could be exploited.
  • Find solutions to effectively remediate the vulnerabilities.

VeraSafe’s certified IT security professionals routinely uncover complex, critical vulnerabilities in our clients’ hosted software applications and APIs. Our engineers are well-prepared to learn the logic of your application(s) and conduct a full, manual penetration test in your staging/QA environment (or production environment, if required). Both automated and manual tests will be performed.

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Each Penetration Test Includes:

In-depth manual testing by an expert penetration tester.

A detailed report, which ranks each identified vulnerability by its urgency (i.e., the potential impact and likelihood of harm).

A detailed explanation of each vulnerability, and recommended steps to mitigate the vulnerability.

Debrief meeting and direct support for your teams (developers, analysts, security specialists, or IT operations) to understand and resolve the vulnerabilities.

A follow-up test after the recommended mitigations are implemented, to verify and assure that the risks are adequately eliminated or mitigated (optional).

A new penetration test findings report will be issued after the follow-up test, which your organization can use to demonstrate its strong data security posture to your prospects and clients (optional).

A redacted version of the report that contains only a high-level overview of the findings, which can alternatively be used to demonstrate security compliance to your prospects and clients (optional)

Manual tests are performed in accordance with, among others, OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10, ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework), and SANS Top 25 Software Errors.

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach is over $3,000,000

During our tests, we use both automated scanning tools and manual examination techniques to identify vulnerabilities. Simply put, no automated tool can provide a reasonable level of assurance without experts, such as VeraSafe’s penetration test team, operating the tool and conducting manual checks.

Strategic Risk-Based Mitigation

A penetration test is only as good as the quality of its reporting, and the mitigations suggested. Maintaining a correct balance between cost of mitigation and the likelihood and potential impact of vulnerabilities uncovered, assures that risks are managed strategically. We propose realistic, cost-aware mitigations to help you solve your IT security hurdles.

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Matthew Joseph


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See the VeraSafe security team’s credit in the Oracle Critical Patch Update:

Why VeraSafe?

Track record of successful cybersecurity engagements across industries.

Work directly with our certified IT security experts and project managers.

Strategic, risked-based approach to security management.

Fully customizable scope, tailored to fit your needs.

We take the time to explain our pen test findings in a way that’s easy to understand.

Going beyond just pen testing, VeraSafe is your end-to-end partner for the entire privacy and cybersecurity domain.