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In an increasingly digital world, combating the spread of terrorist content online is more crucial than ever. The Terrorist Content Online (TCO) Regulation of the European Union (EU) mandates strict measures to identify, remove, and prevent the dissemination of such content. At VeraSafe, we specialize in helping organizations navigate and fulfill these complex requirements. 

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Compliance with Article 17: Legal Representative 

Under Article 17 of the TCO Regulation, non-EU hosting service providers (HSPs) must designate a legal representative within the EU to ensure compliance with the Regulation’s mandates. This representative serves as the point of contact for all regulatory communications and obligations, ensuring that your organization can swiftly address any issues related to terrorist content.  

VeraSafe specializes in representative services tailored to meet the specific needs of HSPs. We have been acting as an EU representative for clients since the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are well positioned to serve as your Article 17 representative under the TCO Regulation. 

Our Comprehensive Services 

In addition to serving as your TCO Representative, VeraSafe offers comprehensive consulting services to help you understand and fulfill your obligations under the Regulation. Consulting packages are tailored to your business needs and may include: 

Applicability and Risk Assessment

Our team can assess whether the TCO Regulation applies to your organization and conduct thorough assessments to evaluate your compliance status with the regulation. We identify gaps and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your content monitoring and removal strategies. 

Policy Development and Implementation

VeraSafe can assist in developing and implementing robust policies tailored to meet TCO Regulation requirements. Our policies are designed to be both effective and adaptable, ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into your existing operations. 

Training and Awareness Programs

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and handle terrorist content. Our customized training programs ensure your staff are well-prepared to contribute to your compliance efforts effectively. 

Advisory Services

Our team of seasoned attorneys can offer ongoing and on demand support, helping you interpret regulatory changes and stay compliant with evolving TCO Regulation requirements. 

Why Choose VeraSafe?

Experienced Team

Our more than 45 team members include American and European attorneys, compliance professionals, and IT security experts with in-depth knowledge of digital regulations, including the TCO. Our ranks include former regulators and Vault Law 100 attorneys, Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP), Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA), and alumni of Big 4 professional service firms. 

Proven Track Record

Founded in 2010, VeraSafe is the largest firm in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to privacy, data protection, and digital law. We have served as an official representative for clients since the advent of the EU’s GDPR and serve as a representative for a variety of EU regulations. 

Compliance Consulting

VeraSafe offers comprehensive consulting services to help you understand and implement the requirements of the TCO Regulation, minimizing the risk of non-compliance. In addition, we can provide guidance on other applicable regulations. From privacy and cybersecurity to AI governance, VeraSafe can serve as your trusted partner for achieving and maintaining multi-jurisdictional compliance. 

Trusted by Fortune Global 10

Companies of all sizes trust VeraSafe’s compliance solutions, including those among the top five largest companies in the world. 

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