Contact an Organization Participating in the VeraSafe EU Representative Program

Examples of inquiries that are not likely to be accepted using this form:
 Customer service issues
 Inquiries that don’t provide enough information or context
 Complaints that involve any threats, abusive language, or delivering legal notices
 Requests for legal advice
 Issues un-related to data protection
 Inquiries directed to organizations that have not appointed any VeraSafe entity or affiliate as their EU Representative
Examples of inquiries that are likely to be accepted using this form:
 Substantive privacy concerns
 Inquiries from regulatory agencies
 Requests to exercise privacy rights

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Note: We can only handle inquiries related to foreign organizations that have actually appointed VeraSafe to act as their EU Representative. We have no way to prevent an organization from falsely claiming that VeraSafe is their EU Representative.

A quick summary of how your inquiry will be handled:

As you're likely aware, the purpose of this form is to help make it easier for you to get in touch with non-EU organizations that process your personal data. Given that, any data you submit on this form will be transferred to the foreign organization that you identify in the "Name of the organization that your inquiry relates to" field, above, with the aim of helping resolve your concern. Note that you likely won't hear any response to your inquiry from VeraSafe directly. Unless the foreign organization specifically authorizes us to respond to you directly, the foreign organization will be fully responsible for handling your inquiry on their own, without any involvement from VeraSafe. We act as a facilitator, and don't have any way to resolve your inquiry ourselves. We want to help you, but we have no power to force any foreign organization to respond to your inquiry, even if we (you and us) both think they should.

Since VeraSafe has a legal obligation to relay your inquiry to the foreign organization you identify above, your rights to request that we not use your data for this purpose are quite limited. Likewise, please be aware that we have a legal obligation to document how we handle your inquiries, which may prevent us from erasing your personal data upon your request. If you do not want VeraSafe to process your personal data, you must not submit such personal data to us in any way. You can always direct your concern to the foreign organization directly (instead of VeraSafe), and you have no obligation to send your inquiry to VeraSafe.

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