VeraSafe Expands European Data Protection Presence with New Acquisition 

As the next step in VeraSafe’s mission to provide clients with the world’s best data protection advice, with a human touch, VeraSafe is excited to announce that we have expanded our presence in the European Union. VeraSafe is perhaps the longest-serving and most well established data protection representative (DPR) service provider in the EU, and we are excited to announce a new acquisition in the Baltic region of the European Union.

Latvia has recently joined the ever-growing list of European countries with a VeraSafe footprint (after Ireland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Spain). In late 2021, VeraSafe acquired Riga Tech Ventures SIA, now SIA VeraSafe Latvia. With this acquisition, we continue to solidify ourselves as a leader in privacy law, data protection, and cybersecurity in Europe and across the globe. 

We have been re-imagining privacy and data protection compliance services for over a decade by providing best-in-class, practical, professional, and cost-effective service to a variety of industry sectors such as life sciences (with a particular focus on GDPR compliance for clinical trials), software-as-a-service, professional services, heavy industries, and CPG. This acquisition allows us to further grow our European coverage. As your end-to-end partner for the entire privacy and cybersecurity domain, we’ve developed a unique suite of services that doesn’t stop at helping you understand what the law says, but helps you work through its implementation

Some of the VeraSafe leading product and service offerings include:

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